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A Natural Approach to Healing

Heal your body, naturally. We are experienced Massage Therapy Professionals and are firm believers in a holistic approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved. Massage has been a major part of medicine for at least five thousand years. Throughout recorded history massage has been used to promote health and well being. Massage is the art and science of manipulating soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. Massage is effective and highly respected treatment for alleviating stress & pain.


Sports massage on leg


Therapeutic Massage is used in healing to decrease pain, and is very effective muscle rehabilitation to help relieve sprains and strain. With our Therapeutic  Massage treatment, your body and mind will feel free and clear of all worries and stress that life places upon us. We are trained in a  variety of certifications to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, release muscle restrictions & fascial shortening. With our Stamina Orthopedic Alignment Series, we realign muscles back to their optimal resting length to increase performance.



With our Reflexology Therapy, patients claim to feel relaxed and renewed after each session. We are trained in skillful pressure to specific points of the feet, so we tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs. We have over 7000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet, this makes them quite sensitive and responsive to the sensory input of reflexology. We love showing our patients how just a few treatments can make  an enormous benefit to their health .

Back Massage


Trigger Point Therapy is a healing technique used for deep restrictions. Gentle pressure is applied the the hyper-irritated area in the muscle fiber and held in place until the release is achieved.

Sports Injury


Relief for chronic pain and limited movement. "Myo" refers to muscle and "fascia" to the elastic web of connective tissue that spreads throughout your body and ties it together. Muscles and fascia work together to support your body and facilitate movement. This technique involves an application of stretches to relieve tension and pain, which allow muscles and fascia to return to their correct position, length and function.

Reiki Treatment


Cranio-Sacral Therapy is used for headache prevention and total body wellness,very gentle pressure is used to allow releases in the restrictions of the cranio-sacral system, calming the nervous system and restoring balance to the cranial fluid flow.

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With so many products that are far removed from nature, lava shells allow you the opportunity to interact with something that is raw, natural and individual. The uniqueness of lava shell massage is its power and warmth, since they are made of 100% authentic Tiger striped clam shells from the Philippine Islands.  Find the perfect mix of warmth and relaxation treatment while staying true to natures simplistic beauty.



Prenatal massage is specific care for you and your baby, since now two people depend on your health and vitality. Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase energy and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy. The caring touch of massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive & accepting way.

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By creating suction, & negative pressure above the surface of the tissues, we decrease the atmospheric pressure allowing the tissue to be lifted & thus causing changes in pressure beneath the skin, including the muscle and surrounding fascia. As the cup leaves the area the tissues quickly rehydrate. Cupping is very effective for improving restricted range of motion, stretching muscles and fascia with deep restrictions or scarring. This technique encourages blood flow and sedates the nervous system which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and migraines..

Massage is something good you can do for yourself that requires no extensive planning or physical exertion. As you take care of yourself in this simple way you may find yourself developing the energy and inclination to pursue other healthful activities.Relaxation is a skill that can be learned through massage.

Stressful events or unrelenting minor aggravations can often build into physical discomfort, have a massage and enjoy an increased feeling of overall well-being today