STAMINA Massage Therapy

STAMINA = Sheradha Therapy Actuating Muscle into Natural Alignment. Stamina has identified that most symptoms originate from muscle or joint misalignment


Stamina Massage Therapists are specifically trained to understand alignment principles and treat painful and often debilitating symptoms that originate from muscle or joint misalignment.


Muscles can become misaligned.

Your muscles perform a function like cables on a suspension bridge. If one cable (or muscle) loses its proper tension, then excessive load is transferred to other cables (or muscles) causing compensation patterns.


Muscles become misalgined through poor posture, injury, or illness with symptoms such as muscular aches/pains, stiffness, tension, numbness, immobility tissues and fatigue


Muscle misalignment affects joints.

When muscles are misaligned this can create pressure on joints, leading to problems such as pelvic positional dysfunction or nerve impingement.


If needed your therapist will work within their scope of practice to either refer you to a manual therapist for structural remedy or with advanced STAMINA Orthopedic Massage training utilize strain/counter strain muscle alignment techniques to take the pressure off the joint structures.





Stamina Orthopedic Massage Therapists optimally align your muscles while incorporating powerful neuromotor re-education. These innovative techniques are a game changer for massage therapy with profound treatment results.


  • With the addition of a pre and post treatment functional testing certified Stamina Orthopedic Massage therapists can quickly identify and effectively treat both the symptoms and the drivers or root cause, of muscular/skeletal pain and dysfunction.

  • It is the comparative changes between pre and post treatment functional testing that signals the brain (via neuromotor pathways) that function has been restored.

  • Neuromotor re-education compensation patterns, down regulates the invisible drivers of trigger points, muscular pain / tension, and other debilitating symptoms while significantly improving optimal function to the root cause.

  • Involving your brain in the massage process is unique to Stamina Orthopedic Massage and sets it apart with high success rates.

Stamina research shows that muscles can easily become misaligned if tissues are moved incorrectly. This knowledge allows your certified Stamina Massage Therapist to optimally align your muscles using unique directional techniques during a relaxing, continuous massage flow.

  • All muscles form a kinetic chain. One muscle affects or is affected by other muscles in the kinetic chain. As Stamina has evolved it become apparent that full body treatments produce optimal effectiveness.

  • Clients regularly experience greater stress reduction, symptom relief and longer lasting results with Stamina full body treatment approach.

  • Booking 60 or 90 minute massage sessions will provide the time needed for optimal treatment results and longer retention.